Log Cabin Update

I’ve been working on the Log Cabin Quilt. I decided to give it a pretty wide (for me) border and I really think it pulls the top together and gives the eyes a place to rest.

I then started basting several days ago.

And eventually ran out of pins. I may have gone a little hard. Honestly, it was probably a half an inch or less between some of the pins, a bit overkill. But Rita at Red Pepper Quilts has said that the more pins the better so I thought I’d give it a try.

So I ordered more pins. And a Kwik Klip tool (which so far has been a lifesaver…or a fingertip saver as the case may be).

Once my quilt looked like a 15 year old kid who thinks they’re hardcore’s jean vest, I flipped it over to start rolling it up so I could start quilting.

And that’s when I saw the folds.

I tried unpinning part of the quilt to see if I could smooth things out and it kind of worked but I knew that if I left it I would be mad.

So I put the quilt in tine out and made another Christmas mug rug.

Last night I unpinned approximately 300 pins. Thank goodness I got the Kwik Klip. I’ll definitely have used it enough to give a review by the time this quilt is done.

I re-ironed the backing and made sure it was smooth before adding the backing and the top again. I took my time and made sure the clamps were working properly and started pinning again.

Hopefully I’ll be able to start quilting next week!

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