Christmas Mug Rugs

Whilst working on (read as pinning, unpinning and repinning) the Log Cabin Quilt I also worked on some mug rugs. I’m still relatively new at quilting and I thought the smaller projects would let me quickly practice some techniques plus I get that nearly instant gratification of finishing some items!

I went from one of these lovely charm packs:

To a bunch of 4 patches:

To a lovely and festive mug rug!

This is the first one I made and there was definitely room for improvement. The second one I did (no pictures at this point) went much easier.


Fabric: Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille for Moda (snowball is some Kona solids in white. Backing and binding are from Patrick Lose’s holiday line from last year)

Pattern: Snowflake Mug Rug tutorial from Quilt Addicts Annonymous on YouTube

What’s your favorite way to practice techniques?

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Log Cabin Update

I’ve been working on the Log Cabin Quilt. I decided to give it a pretty wide (for me) border and I really think it pulls the top together and gives the eyes a place to rest.

I then started basting several days ago.

And eventually ran out of pins. I may have gone a little hard. Honestly, it was probably a half an inch or less between some of the pins, a bit overkill. But Rita at Red Pepper Quilts has said that the more pins the better so I thought I’d give it a try.

So I ordered more pins. And a Kwik Klip tool (which so far has been a lifesaver…or a fingertip saver as the case may be).

Once my quilt looked like a 15 year old kid who thinks they’re hardcore’s jean vest, I flipped it over to start rolling it up so I could start quilting.

And that’s when I saw the folds.

I tried unpinning part of the quilt to see if I could smooth things out and it kind of worked but I knew that if I left it I would be mad.

So I put the quilt in tine out and made another Christmas mug rug.

Last night I unpinned approximately 300 pins. Thank goodness I got the Kwik Klip. I’ll definitely have used it enough to give a review by the time this quilt is done.

I re-ironed the backing and made sure it was smooth before adding the backing and the top again. I took my time and made sure the clamps were working properly and started pinning again.

Hopefully I’ll be able to start quilting next week!

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Log Cabin Quilt Top!

I think I finished the quilt top!

I say think because I’m not sure about the size yet. I don’t have enough blocks to make another row but I DO have enough to make a half row. However, I like that the light blocks make that finished diamond-y shape.

What I may do is add a good size, plain border. But I’ve made no decisions yet so for the time being it is off to the side. Not in time out…but to percolate. Or to age like a fine wine.

Now – what shall I work on next?! I have the Halloween quilt that has been in time out. I also have 2 finished quilt tops from several years ago when I first was thi king about quilting. Buuuut I also want to make some more mug rugs and maybe some placemats.

So many decisions!

Let me know what you guys think I should do with the Log Cabin Top!

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A Quick Fix

Man, the hobbies I’ve got aren’t really “quick” are they?

When it comes to the Log Cabin Quilt, I’m still pressing, trimming and squaring up to the right size. I know it’s going to be worth it when I get to actually put the thing together but tonight I decided I needed something fast and fun!

This is what I came up with!

A little mug rug. I used some leftover 5″ squares I had laying around from back in the day. I cut one in half and sewed it to the other one with a 1/4″ seam. I then got some scrap batting, scrap backing and quilted that bad boy together as fast as you can say “coaster”.

I used this as an opportunity to practice some straight line quilting. I also used some scrap binding I still had and practiced my machine binding technique using the Red Pepper Quilts tutorial.

I think I’m going to have to do a few more small projects to get some practice in and use up some scraps! A few more mug rugs? Maybe some place mats?

What’s your favorite small project?

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Weekend WIP – Sockhead Cowl

There’s been a lot of quilting content lately so I thought it would be appropriate to touch base with my first crafty love – knitting.

I haven’t done a ton of knitting lately as the quilting bug has me fully transfixed…BUT…you can’t beat knitting for a portable project!

As the urge has been striking, I’ve been working on the Sockhead Cowl by Kelly McClure. The yarn is a mystery. It was something that was balled up in my stash and I long ago misplaced the tag. It’s a nice yarn though, squishy without losing structure.

I made the Sockhead Hat last fall and really enjoyed the auto-pilotness of it so decided to give the cowl a try. It’s been a slower project. Mostly because I haven’t been working on it. Turns out, you actually have to knit in order to finish the project…who knew?!

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Quilt #2: The Christmas Quilt

Another throwback today!

I made this quilt last year as a present for my mom.

It is my second ever finished quilt and my first attempt at FMQ!

As with every quilt, I learned a lot from this one. I think mostly though, I learned that from far away, errors are nearly invisible.

Fabric: Christmas Cheer by Patrick Lose Studios

Pattern: Jelly Roll Race from Missouri Star Quilts (the YouTube tutorial in particular)

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Log Cabin Progress

Not a lot to say today so I thought I’d share some fun pics!

Chain piecing the final chunk of the blocks
Squaring up
And Auditioning layouts!

Can’t wait to start stitching this together!

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The First Quilt

Some of you may have noticed that I have been…uh…doing some editing on the blog. I want this to be a place of fun and positivity so I went back and marked all my old stuff “private” so that way what I’m presenting to the world is a good vibe.

A nice bonus though is I can re-upload old projects as new content!

This is the first quilt I ever actually finished.

Taking a quick look at my original entry about this guy, I don’t have a ton of info. I know I used a stack of fat quarters that I had long since lost the collection name (if anyone happens to know, I’d appreciate it!).

I was very purposeful with the center squares of the 9-patches to try and highlight an animal or flower. I still really like the black sashing in between the blocks.

I pieced the quilt using my old Brother machine and then halfway through the quilting I ended up getting my Juki which made the quilting go way faster. It was basic stitch in the ditch.

For a while, I hid this quilt in a drawer, upset about the little mistakes. After about a year though, I don’t remember why I didn’t like the quilt! It’s really cute! And I’m still obsessed with the backing fabric (don’t remember the name of that either).

What about you guys? Have any projects that you originally couldn’t bear to look at but now don’t know what you were thinking?

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