Weekend WIP – Sockhead Cowl

There’s been a lot of quilting content lately so I thought it would be appropriate to touch base with my first crafty love – knitting.

I haven’t done a ton of knitting lately as the quilting bug has me fully transfixed…BUT…you can’t beat knitting for a portable project!

As the urge has been striking, I’ve been working on the Sockhead Cowl by Kelly McClure. The yarn is a mystery. It was something that was balled up in my stash and I long ago misplaced the tag. It’s a nice yarn though, squishy without losing structure.

I made the Sockhead Hat last fall and really enjoyed the auto-pilotness of it so decided to give the cowl a try. It’s been a slower project. Mostly because I haven’t been working on it. Turns out, you actually have to knit in order to finish the project…who knew?!

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