Quilt Planning

My attempts to figure out how I’m going to lay out this quilt

When it comes to quilts, I’m trying to be more thoughtful…have a plan if you will.

As I mentioned in the last post, I kind of jumped into the log cabin blocks all willy nilly.

(Out of curiosity, does anyone know if quilt block names should be capitalized? Log Cabin or log cabin? LOG cabin…log CABIN? Let me know)

With most things, I agonize for weeks before I start (please see the fat quarter stack I still haven’t been brave enough to cut into) and then I get tired of my own bullshit and leap without a real plan.

I feel like I’ve lost the plot of this post…oh, right!

So I’ve been enjoying the LoG cAbIn blocks so much that I have an urge to continue messing around with them. I’m fascinated by all the different effects you can achieve with the placement of the blocks.

I’ve decided I want to make a Halloween inspired quilt using loG cabiN blocks and solid colors. But instead of winging it, I started planning.

I started by auditioning designs and colors with graph paper and colored pencils. Then my hands started to hurt and I had no pencil sharpener. So I did what I always do when in doubt.

Made a spreadsheet.

This is where I landed. I’m no designer but I like the colors and the diamonds are tripping me out in a good way.

As a side note, I love using spreadsheets for “designing” stuff. You can copy and paste and change colors on the fly. I’m sure there is actual design software out there but I am clearly no professional so I’ll stick to good ol’ Google Sheets for now.

How do you guys plan out your quilts? Meticulous notes and sketches? Cut first, ask questions later? Let me know!

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