You know what makes a project go SUPER fast?

When you finish up a big chunk of it a year ago and then decide to finish it!

I’ve been working pretty diligently for the past week or so and I’m really enjoying it. I love the fabric (Rainy Day by My Sister and Me for Moda). In order to enjoy the jelly roll I sewed it up as a jelly roll race top. I used some white fabric I had for a border.

I’m learning a lot from this quilt. I tend to struggle a lot with wanting things to be perfect. So much so that I often don’t even get started because I worry the end result won’t be what I want…so I’m trying to get over that.

Yes, fabric is expensive. Yes, mistakes suck. But I learned something the other day when I pulled out my first quilt.

I distinctly remember being annoyed with all the mistakes and thing it was terrible. So much so, I shoved it in a drawer and never used it.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out and couldn’t even find the things that I didn’t like originally. Like, I think it looks pretty good.

So. Yeah. I’m going to try and remember that as I go – the border on my Rainy Day Quilt may annoy me now but I bet in a few weeks I won’t even notice. And even if I do still notice, no one else will.

Finished is definitely better than perfect.

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