It’s been snowing here in the Portland area – first time all winter. So far, not enough to really cause any trouble but enough for me to get excited and dreamily watch it fall while looking out giant windows. I hope it’s still coming down tonight because I have a feeling it will be super peaceful walking home from the train station with the stillness falling around me and not a whole lot of traffic.

I really like snow.

I thought after last winter when things got stupid I’d be done. But my new job means I take the train which means I no longer have to choose between calling in and risking my job or driving in and losing my life. Capitalism everyone!

That was a bit cynical. But it’s how I felt at the time. Right now it’s Tuesday and I’m at the new job a bit early and watching the snow fall in front of the courthouse and loving it.

And I’m thinking about knitting.

What is it about snow that immediately makes me want to cast on a hat? As if I’m going to finish it in time to wear it during this winter event. It would take me a few days at least but here I am, daydreaming about cables and squishy yarn. A little tiny part of me even thought “hey, work on that sock on the train so you’ll have warm socks”. I may knit fairly fast when I put my mind to it, but even I can’t finish a sock in half an hour.

I still may cast on a hat though.

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