I will fully admit to not being the best gardener. I live in an apartment and our community garden plot is up a steep hill – so often I’ll forget to go up to water or frankly, not feel like getting garden clothes on and going up there. When I do get up there – I don’t feel like weeding. I’m out of shape, getting on the ground is hard and a killer on my knees. I pull as many weeds as I can stomach and then just kind of go “good enough”. Even with all that – look at what I found yesterday!

My very first cherry tomato of the season! There was also a snap pea that was ready but I ate it before I thought to grab a pic. The tomato was DELICIOUS.

I think the kale is ready as well, I’m going to harvest some tonight for our stir fry dinner.

Friday & Saturday my husband and I went to the coast to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It was gorgeous – the temps hovered around 60, the sun was out and there was a great breeze. I had a blast hanging out with my husband, watching the waves and just enjoying having NO obligations for a few days.

View from our room

Down on the sand

Look at this cool rock!

Sunset from the room

I could spend every day on the beach!

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