Starlight Knitting Society – Shop Review

During the Rose City Yarn Crawl this year, I went to 8 yarn shops in the Portland area I hadn’t been to before. I thought it would be fun to write about some of them!

The Starlight Knitting Society is a super cool shop in SE Portland. The building is two-story. The bottom floor is compact but they maximize the space. It’s also gorgeous, I love the floors and the shelves. It’s basically how I want my someday house to look. Along with yarn, they had some awesome cross-stitch kits and fun yarn-themed pins. This is where I got the awesome enamel pins by Spincycle Yarns.

This brings me to what I really enjoyed about Starlight Knitting Society – the storeĀ feels cool. Sometimes you go into a yarn store and it’s clear they’re trying to be as unoffensive as possible to cater to as many people as possible. Which is a totally valid way to run a business. Starlight though had “Nasty Woman” cross stitch kits, pins that said “I feel like knit” and everything felt modern and fun.

They also have an upstairs where it looks like they have knit nights and classes. Most yarn stores have a place to sit and knit, but usually it’s in the middle of the store. Having this space upstairs away from the shop makes it feel like less of an inconvenience. That you can sit and relax for a while without taking up space in the shop proper. This may be my social anxiety talking though.

If you’re ever in the Portland area and have some time, I’d highly recommend stopping by The Starlight Knitting Society!

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More Like Rose City Yarn HAUL

I definitely enjoyed myself on this year’s Crawl. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen these pics but for those of you who don’t, please enjoy my stash enhancement.

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Rose City Yarn Crawl 2018

This weekend was the Rose City Yarn Crawl and despite coming down with a cold, I managed to actually complete it!

Thursday I walked down to to a shop near work. Then got hit with a bastard of a cold, so I didn’t do any on Friday. Then Saturday I managed to get to the other 2 downtown locations.

Which left 8 stores to complete on Sunday.

Somehow, I totally managed it! I spent WAY too much money on yarn. Like. WAY TOO MUCH.

But I had fun, completed the passport, visited a bunch of stores I hadn’t been to before and got some cool stuff.

Check back for pics of stuff I picked up along with reviews of some of the new to me yarn shops!

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Secret Quilt – Post #3


The secret quilt is coming along.

I was able to work on it over my weekend and before work yesterday (not having to be at work until 1:30pm definitely has it’s bonuses).

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90% of the people I follow on Instagram are crafty people. Knitters, spinners, quilters, sewers, planner people, etc. Most of the time this is great. I find Instagram to be a nice sea of calm instead of the turbulent, depressing hole that is Twitter.

This weekend though. THIS WEEKEND?

It’s Stitches West. And Quiltcon. AT THE SAME TIME.

I am beyond jealous of everyone who is at these conventions this weekend. I haven’t been to any sort of convention in ages let alone one that caters to crafty goodness. Every picture I’m seeing from these events are filling me with envy.

That being said, I hope everyone has a blast!

In the meantime, Rose City Yarn crawl is coming up in a few weeks and I think I’m going to try and hit a few shops. Black Sheep is in June and OFFF is September. I know there are quilting/sewing festivals here too…I just need to get my finger on the pulse and start getting out there!

Have you ever been to one of these big events? What is your dream event to go someday?

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It’s been snowing here in the Portland area – first time all winter. So far, not enough to really cause any trouble but enough for me to get excited and dreamily watch it fall while looking out giant windows. I hope it’s still coming down tonight because I have a feeling it will be super peaceful walking home from the train station with the stillness falling around me and not a whole lot of traffic.

I really like snow.

I thought after last winter when things got stupid I’d be done. But my new job means I take the train which means I no longer have to choose between calling in and risking my job or driving in and losing my life. Capitalism everyone!

That was a bit cynical. But it’s how I felt at the time. Right now it’s Tuesday and I’m at the new job a bit early and watching the snow fall in front of the courthouse and loving it.

And I’m thinking about knitting.

What is it about snow that immediately makes me want to cast on a hat? As if I’m going to finish it in time to wear it during this winter event. It would take me a few days at least but here I am, daydreaming about cables and squishy yarn. A little tiny part of me even thought “hey, work on that sock on the train so you’ll have warm socks”. I may knit fairly fast when I put my mind to it, but even I can’t finish a sock in half an hour.

I still may cast on a hat though.

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Secret Quilt – Post #2

Since I can’t get backing fabric for the Rainy Day quilt until payday, I decided to work on the Secret Quilt!

The center panel is essentially split into 12 parts. I’ve finished the top row of 3 already. And I keep forgetting how big it’s going to be. The pattern can be found over at Cora’s Quilts. The fabric is from Connecting Threads and I’m not using the interfacing method that the pattern recommends…what can I say? I’m a rebel.

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Rainy Day Quilt Top

I did a thing!

After making the Christmas Quilt I’ve been wanting to do another Jelly Roll Race Quilt.

So I did.

I had a jelly roll of Rainy Day by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda Fabrics and I was up early enough on a weekend to sit down and sew.

Real talk? I love the colors of this one. After a long, gray winter the bright cheerful colors are just what I needed! Plus, living in the Pacific NW means that rain is a constant presence in my life and it’s nice to have something cheery celebrating rain.

Now to decide how I want to finish this up. I want to do a border…I’m thinking in the lime green if I can find it. And I have to decide on the binding. I was thinking about going out tomorrow and picking up some backing fabric & border fabric but then I…accidentally…bought some gorgeous yarn on Etsy so it will likely have to wait.

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