Log Cabin Quilt Top!

I think I finished the quilt top!

I say think because I’m not sure about the size yet. I don’t have enough blocks to make another row but I DO have enough to make a half row. However, I like that the light blocks make that finished diamond-y shape.

What I may do is add a good size, plain border. But I’ve made no decisions yet so for the time being it is off to the side. Not in time out…but to percolate. Or to age like a fine wine.

Now – what shall I work on next?! I have the Halloween quilt that has been in time out. I also have 2 finished quilt tops from several years ago when I first was thi king about quilting. Buuuut I also want to make some more mug rugs and maybe some placemats.

So many decisions!

Let me know what you guys think I should do with the Log Cabin Top!

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