Finished Object: Mario Quilt

I DID IT! I finished the secret quilt!

Not gonna lie, this was a challenge. Cutting all the squares, trying to line up the seams (poorly) AND keeping it a secret from the intended receipent… who lives with me in a 600 sq ft one bedroom apartment.

Not. Easy.

Thank God I decided to bail on doing the whole ginormous thing. This part took a year and a half as is. (Granted, I took a looooong break here and there).

But it’s done! And my husband loves it. I love it! I only have the one picture but I’m hoping to update with more once I get some photos off my camera. I really want to show you guys the backing fabric.

Pattern is by Cora’s Quilts (though I believe it is a pay pattern now). Fabric is from Connecting Threads. Quilting done by me on my Juki – simple stitch in the ditch.

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  1. Jason says:

    It looks great.

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