Spinning Practice

The interesting thing about dabbling in the fiber arts is when you say things like, “Oh, I love spinning!” non-fiber people think you mean on a bike.


What I love about my crafty hobbies is that working on them makes my brain feel waaaaay better. Having tangible proof of doing something hits me with a jolt of endorphins. Since I work weird hours, I can’t really sew when I get home from work lest I potentially disturb the downstairs neighbors. It’s starting to get hot now so I’m not quite so eager to knit.

And then I remembered spinning! I busted out the spinning wheel and got back to work on my practice fiber. I started plying last night and it’s going swimmingly. Well, except for one hiccup but that’s for my next post.

Maybe soon I’ll be able to get to some of this:

I have noticed my wheel is a bit squeaky – I have a Schacht Ladybug and if anyone knows of a good resource telling me where to oil it I’d be grateful!

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