More Like Rose City Yarn HAUL

I definitely enjoyed myself on this year’s Crawl. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen these pics but for those of you who don’t, please enjoy my stash enhancement.

Brand: Lux Adorna Knits
Yarn: Fun Size Bundle
Color: Moody
Purchased at: Knit Purl

Brand: Alexandra’s Crafts
Yarn: Agate Beach
Color: Black Gems Purple
Purchased at: Pearl Fiber Arts

Pom Pom Spring 2018
Brand: Spincycle Yarns
Yarn: Private Label & Dyed in the Wool
Color: Dark Brown Solid & Melancholia
Purchased at: For Yarn’s Sake

Brand: Woolen Boon & Hedgehog Fibres
Yarn: Boon Classic & 3-ply Sock
Color: Giant Jawbreaker & Hula Hoop
Purchased at: Knitting Bee

Stitch Markers & tins from Miss Purl (she’s on Etsy)
Purchased at: Wool N Wares

Brand: Ritual Dyes
Yarn: Maiden
Color: Portland & River
Purchased at: The Starlight Knitting Society

Spincycle Yarns pins – purchased at The Starlight Knitting Society

Brand: Malabrigo
Yarn: Worsted & Lace
Color: Continental & Fuscia
Purchased at: Twisted

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