Secret Quilt Post #1


I’ve done some work on some quilts since I last posted! The first project is a SECRET. I’m making it for my husband and my goal is to have it done for his birthday or Christmas but we shall see if I can get it done in time…considering the fact that the whole quilt is over 5,000 squares. So I couldn’t get started because I was waiting for fabric to arrive – then I had to work up the courage to start cutting into said fabric. The first block is so big that the designer broke it up into 12 different bits…and it’s going to measure 36″x54″ I have my work cut out for me. Here’s the first corner though:

Any guesses as to what it is?

I’ve asked my husband to stay away from my blog for a while so I can post about it. It should be a miracle if he doesn’t figure it out since I’m sewing it up at our dining room table in our pretty small apartment while he sits 20ft away watching tv or playing video games. OH WELL THOUGH!

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  1. Nothe says:

    ooh i know, I know!! it’s gonna be amazing!! 😀

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