My New Machine – Juki TL-2200-QVP Mini

I ended up getting a new machine in the middle of my first quilt project because poor Harold just wasn’t cutting it. I talked about my research in this post and when I was on vacation I finally bit the bullet and got…


None of the ones in that post!

I ended up going with a Juki TL-2200 QVP Mini!

Picture shamelessly stolen from the Juki website. Click to visit the website.

So far, I love it! It sews like a dream, has all the features I wanted and the throat space is to die for! And it is a SOLID machine. Pretty heavy and definitely has the feel of a workhorse.

My only complaint so far, and it seems to be most people’s complaints, is that the automatic needle threader is a bit finicky. In fact, mine completely conked out b/c the hook that goes through the needle eye got misaligned but with some gentle coaxing I got it back where it needed to be.

I haven’t taken a class on it yet but I probably will in the next few months to make sure I’m doing everything correctly.

Mostly though, she needs a name and I’m still mulling that over – any suggestions would be appreciated! Right now I’m considering – THE BEAST.

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