Quilt Top and a Nephew

First the most exciting news! My nephew was born a few days ago and mother and baby are doing fine. He’s so precious and I can’t wait to actually hold him in a few weeks when we’re back up in Canada. All I want to do now is make him teeny little hats and sweaters.

In other news, I’ve finished the quilt top!

I am IN LOVE with the black outlining the squares. I really think it makes the blocks pop. I swung by the store yesterday and picked up some batting and backing for the quilt and hope to get it basted today so I can start the quilting this week. My current plan is to just stitch in the ditch.

It turns out that my little sewing machine actually CAN do free motion quilting. It’s not the smoothest process and I don’t have the right foot for it but I can do it so I probably won’t have to upgrade for a while (which is good since I probably couldn’t save up that much money for over a year anyway). Though I’m considering maybe making project bags to sell through Etsy to try to make a little extra money.

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