Not Knitting

In the time of Not Knitting, I did do some stuff:

Cooked – To save money and stop eating junk, I’ve been cooking more. Previously, the more I looked at recipes and Pinterest, the more paralyzed I became about cooking wrong. Then I found the YouTube channel Brothers Green Eats and it totally flipped a switch. They are very laid back about, well, everything it seems. They give guidelines instead of rules. This has allowed me to chill out in the kitchen and experiment more…with delicious results. For example:

Planted – Fun fact: my interest in being self-sufficient is directly proportional to how scary I see the world. This has lead me down a homesteading rabbit hole. There’s something nice about the idea of knowing where your food came from and how it was treated. There’s something even nicer about not giving my money to the very corporations that are destroying the planet and screwing over everyone. While I may not be able to buy several acres and build a house out of trees on my own land, I can make use of the community garden plot provided to me by my apartment complex. And buy some books on how to can and how to have a more sustainable household along with reading blogs homesteading/gardening.

Researched – My husband and I have started thinking about maybe someday buying a house. I’ve been doing research about what is available in our area, price points, and wish lists. We’re nowhere near ready but it’s been fun looking into it. We’re going to take a class locally for first time home buyers as well so we can possible qualify for some grants!

Budgeted – This kind of goes hand in hand with everything on the list. Finances have kind of taken a back seat the last year or so, especially in the last six months. We’re working to get those things tightened back up, get our savings rebuilt, get out of debt and start working towards financial independence. A cool thing this month is we managed to not take ANYTHING out of our savings account, only put funds in! I call that a pretty big win. If you need a good budgeting tool, I highly recommend You Need a Budget – it costs a little bit but has been instrumental in helping my finances (this is NOT an affiliate link, I get nothing for recommending them – I’m just a fan).

Coming up – I’ve already started knitting again. There are some sewing projects I’d like to get started (practice napkins, a baby blanket for the future nephew, an apron, project bags and taking in some pants). The big one though, is keeping up on the blog. I’m not going to promise any posting schedule or anything right now, but I do enjoy it and would like to get into the habit.

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