Knitting Mojo

The last few months I’ve been in a real knitting funk. I fully lost my mojo.

I was told a few weeks back that my sister-in-law is expecting the first baby in my husband’s immediate family and LIKE CHILEAN MINERS, EMERGING FROM THE DEPTHS so too has my knitting mojo.

Case in point:

Flax by Tin Can Knits – knit up in Berroco Vintage in Cracked Pepper

I swatched, cast on and knit an entire baby sweater in about a week and half.

However, my mojo may have abandoned me again…I’ve currently been working on one swatch for over a week.

P.S. Bonus points if you know the Chilean Miners reference.

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  1. I’m so happy that you left a comment on my site so I could come here and check your shit out. 😀 Fiber isn’t my thing, but geek is, so here’s my three-fingered Mockingjay salute to you, fellow geek! Your site logo and that sweater are both adorable. <3

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