Gadgets (aka, All I Want For Christmas)

I’m a bit of a gadget person. If there’s a thing out there that solves an issue in a clever way, I want it.

You know who is GREAT at this? Akerworks.

I have a few of their bobbins – and they’re a dang treat. I also follow them on Instagram so I often see the cool new things they’re working on.

Like the relatively new Lazy Kate (pic shamelessly stolen from their site – clicks through to their site though!):

Or what about their modular drop spindles (Pic also shamelessly stolen)?

This time though, they’ve gone TOO FAR in awesomeness (pic stolen from their site).

This. Is. A. Gauge. Swatch. Tool.

It holds the swatch down. It makes it very clear where the stitches are and how to count them. It is SO COOL I MIGHT SCREAM.

I am LUSTING after this. Like, I may actually do swatches if I have one. Now to subtly hint to my husband that he should get this for me for Christmas…

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