Blog Recommendation: Violently Domestic

Just wanted to post with a quick blog recommendation in case you haven’t seen it before!

If you love yarn, have an interest in learning what goes into self-publishing knitting patterns & books, good writing, and/or amazing pictures – I’d HIGHLY recommend checking out Violently Domestic.

The blog is written by Hunter Hammersen (of Curls, The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series, among others) and she is a delight!

I first heard of her designs a while ago listening to The Knitmore Girls. I randomly wandered over to her amazon page to see about getting a book and saw that she had a blog.

Hmmm, I said to myself, I’m always looking for new knitting-centric blogs…

And away I went. Over the last week I’ve read through all the back entries and it is a fascinating read. Her first post is when she decided to put a pattern up on a whim and the blog covers her design adventures from then on. Plus, she’s super nice on twitter.

So – go – check it out. Buy some of her books. Pick up a pattern or two. At the very least, look at pretty things!

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