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My husband was in town for the last 6 days. He’s Canadian and we’re still working on getting his paperwork through the system. Until he can move here we see each other when we can.

Yesterday we decided to go get some sandwiches for lunch and it just so happens that the sandwich place (with service so fast you’ll freak) was down the road from Tangled Purls, the LYS I visit most often. Luckily he was totally down to take a quick trip. There was a knitting group going on, I think it was the sock knitting group. Apparently this happens every Wednesday…which is my day off!

More importantly though, I got yarn.

ACFirst up – a skein of sock yarn that was 30% off. It’s from a local dyer, Alexandra’s Crafts and I’ve been meaning to try it out. Picked up this skein because there was a decent amount of green in it and I’m trying to get out of a blue place. Can’t remember the name of the colorway or what the fiber content is. I’ll try to remember to update this when I get home.

starfishThere is a lot to say about this yarn. It’s some Pepperberry Minis and comes with 8 mini skeins and a free pattern. Also, I think it looks like a starfish all splayed out like this. Double also…it’s 100% cashmere. Yes. 100% CASHMERE. I was going to make the cowl pattern that came with it but instead I’m going to do a Lila Cowl (rav link) with it. This cowl was on display at the shop and it looks gorgeous and a fun use of the little skeins.

While I’m fully bummed out that my husband is now heading back to his homeland, I have some yarn to comfort me. Nothing like a little preemptive fiber therapy.

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